Best Sobriety Gifts for Yourself or Someone Else

This can help them connect with their support system and remind them why they’ve worked so hard to stay sober. Maybe getting them the jersey of their favorite player, buying tickets to a concert, getting them a new bike or whatever it is they really love! The idea behind this gift would be to give something that helps your loved one to move ahead and enjoy all they have gained in their sobriety. Inspired by real-life experiences this sober journal is both practical and non-judgmental. Recovering from addiction is hard, and it requires effort every single day. There is no gift too large or small to acknowledge a friend or family member’s dedication to sobriety.

It can be a great way for your loved one to celebrate their sobriety anniversary. There are many different types of spas to choose from, so you can find one that fits their needs and budget. You can gift them with a massage, a facial, a manicure/pedicure, or a trip to the beauty salon. One of the best ways to celebrate sobriety is by staying healthy and fit. There are many different types of fitness classes to choose from, so you can find one that fits your loved one’s interests and personality. This will help them stay on track with their sobriety journey while also having fun.

#1 The Gift of Gratitude

Giving yourself sobriety gifts can be an excellent way to celebrate your milestones. Begin with a free call to an addiction & behavioral health treatment advisor. The We Level Up treatment center network delivers recovery programs that vary by each treatment facility. Another nice sobriety gift could be a fun trip or weekend getaway. This is a gift best reserved for someone farther along in their sobriety because at the start of recovery, having a consistent, stable routine should be prioritized. However, once a person has gotten through those tough first few weeks, months, or even years, a trip or getaway could be a beautiful way to honor their hard work. Start their day off with a recovery mug that celebrates their sobriety journey.

  • Pay attention to the things they mention and find a gift that meets that need.
  • The AA triangle features on two of our bookmarks and they are perfectly suited for marking the place in any treasured book.
  • Sobriety and abstinence are extremely difficult to attain for people who drink and use drugs to cope.
  • Giving yourself sobriety gifts can be an excellent way to celebrate your milestones.
  • Most sober living homes are short term and transitional.

If you didn’t find the perfect gift here, do a quick search on Google or Etsy and sift through the thousands of results of incredible gifts to fit every recovery lifestyle. This is traditionally done as a birthday gift but I love it as a sober date gift. To see all the real events happening on the day you made a huge decision to change your life forever. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your recovery- inside and out. This fun water bottle will keep you on track with your water and you can create a bundle gift by pairing it with hydration accelerator to stay hydrated and full of electrolytes. This is another one of my favorite gifts to give and works for both men and women. It’s funny and light-hearted, and a great reminder of this incredible accomplishment.

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Journaling is a powerful tool in recovery and life, but many people feel overwhelmed not knowing what to say or how to start. You don’t have to worry about doing it ‘right’ or wonder what to write, thePowerless and PowerfulGuided Recovery Journal will prompt you every step of the way. Simple journal prompts and positive affirmations throughout, this journal is a sure hit for anyone recovering from life. These are a few of my favorite recovery gifts to make your holiday shopping a little easier. So, as you transform into the healthy, sober person you are meant to be, you will discover that your sobriety will bring you many, many gifts that will give your life meaning. Artisan Ana Fernandez of Peru designs this men’s long-sleeve pullover sweater made from luxuriously soft 100% alpaca wool with a quarter-zip collar.

What should you not say to someone in recovery?

  • I Know How You Feel.
  • I'm Sorry.
  • How Many More Meetings Do You Have Until You're Cured?
  • I Had No Idea.
  • Can You Ever Try It Again?
  • I Don't Think It Would Be Hard for Me to Stop.
  • Be Our Designated Driver.
  • What About Your Wedding?

For example, “Star maps” are gorgeous prints of the night sky on a date of your choosing, and have grown very popular. Some of the best gifts are the ones that remind someone to treat themselves to some self-care! Try giving a spa gift certificate in a basket of calming things like essential oils, slippers, or a robe.

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Many individuals in recovery originally turned to substances for the sensation of feeling ‘alive’. A natural, non-harmful adrenaline rush could be a fitting gift for someone in recovery. The gift itself could be skydiving, snowboarding or skiing, rollercoaster passes, rock climbing, cave diving, etc. Brighton has curated this ready-to-wear set from their Amulet Collection just for you.

  • If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties surrounding alcoholism, addiction, or mental illness, please reach out and ask for help.
  • They have the type of support you need and can help treat each individual person’s addiction.
  • However, once a person has gotten through those tough first few weeks, months, or even years, a trip or getaway could be a beautiful way to honor their hard work.
  • Medical assistance can mitigate the challenges of abstaining from substances and make detoxing easier, and safer, on your body and mind.
  • You’ve got a lifetime to push through, but once you’ve grabbed a hold of your sobriety with both hands you are looking straight at the best gift ever.

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Even if you have failed previously and relapsed, or are in the middle of a difficult crisis, we stand ready to support you. Our trusted behavioral health specialists will not give up on you. When you feel ready or just want someone to speak to about therapy alternatives to change your life call us. Even if we cannot assist you, we will lead you to wherever you can get support. If you’re doing your recovery right, one day at a time, then this is probably how you feel and this is the perfect mug for you!

What do alcoholic eyes look like?

One of the physical characteristics of someone who is a heavy drinker is bloodshot eyes. This change in appearance is due to alcohol abuse swelling the tiny blood vessels in the eye, enlarging their appearance and making the eyeball look red.

In shades of grey and brown, the sweater features a variety of geometric… In deep autumn colors, the sweater features multi-colored stripes in the… In shades of brown and grey, the striped sweater features a variety of… Sober Motivation is an online community within the addiction recovery space. Our main mission is to show everyone that recovery from addiction is possible. We help to support the community by sharing recovery stories, helping to reduce the stigma, and providing hope to addicts and their families that recovery is possible. Creating a personalized photo album is a great way to show someone in recovery how much they mean to you.

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