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The only other governor to ever be successfully recalled was former North Dakota Gov. Lynn Frazier in 1921. In 2012, Wisconsin voted to retain former Gov. Scott Walker in the recall election. The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake described Newsom and the Democratic Party of California’s recall strategy as « Newsom-or-bust, » speculating that a Democrat with broad name recognition or popularity on the ballot could have hurt Newsom’s chances of survival. In 2003, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamente received the second most votes among replacement candidates, and his candidacy was cited by many in the media as a reason for the recall’s success, claiming he gave Democratic voters more of a reason to vote to recall the governor. In this recall election, there was no similar Democratic politician for Democratic voters to coalesce around. Newsom and those campaigning on his behalf told voters to vote « No » on the recall question and leave the replacement candidate question blank.

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  • Commonsense Democrats and Republicans remain closer together than the tiny, but loud, fringe elements of either party and it is time to welcome a dialogue from all walks of life committed to a better California.
  • The vetoes had cost Davis the endorsement of the legislature’s powerful Latino Caucus in an earlier election, and he didn’t want to risk that again during the recall.
  • Although the recall petition was introduced in February 2020, before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Newsom’s response faced scrutiny by recall supporters and the news media.
  • Voters do not have to answer both questions, and Mr Newsom has encouraged his supporters to vote “no” and to not pick any of the candidates running to take his job.
  • The first proponent of the recall, Orrin Heatlie, played a grassroots role in the previous attempt led by aspiring Tea Party politician Erin Cruz.

But our Founders made a deliberate choice that exercising the powers of government should not be easy. As the ultimate safeguard of liberty, they defined those powers as limited, distributed, checked, and balanced—precisely the opposite of California these last 15 months. On April 7, 2021, the Sacramento Press Club held a discussion about the recall campaign with representatives from both sides.

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The listed order of the replacement candidates was determined by a randomization of the alphabet. The starting point, however, gets shifted for each of the state’s 80 Assembly Districts . When questioned about his wife’s non-profit, Newsom denied that there was any conflict of interest with the arrangement. In response to the report, several recall challengers called for a ban on donations to non-profit organizations of elected officials’ family members from companies engaged in business with the state. California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, who officially certified the recall petition on July 1, 2021. The petition was initially given a signature deadline of November 17, 2020, but was extended to March 17, 2021, by Sacramento County Superior Court Judge James P. Arguelles due to the pandemic.

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During the August 17 debate in Sacramento, Cox was served with a subpoena while on stage, and on camera. The subpoena by a San Diego County court was for failure to pay a debt of about $100,000 from his 2018 gubernatorial campaign. Ose had initially accepted the invitation to appear at the same debate, but dropped out of the race the day of the debate, and therefore did not attend. Elder announced that he would not attend the debate, nor any other debate in which Newsom is not attending. Newman’s proposed law cleared the State Senate’s Elections Committee on April 12, but he pulled the bill before it headed to the Judiciary Committee after it received fierce opposition from proponents of the 2021 recall over privacy and voter intimidation concerns.

As of 2021, California is one of 19 states to allow recall elections. Under state law, any elected official may be subjected to a recall. To trigger a recall election of a statewide elected official, proponents must gather a certain number of signatures from registered voters within a certain time period. The number must equal at least 12 percent of the votes cast in the previous election for that office. Based on the previous gubernatorial election, the 2021 recall petition required 1,495,709 signatures. When the secretary of state confirms that a recall petition meets the required number of signatures, a recall election must be scheduled within 60 to 80 days.

I won’t take guns away from law-abiding citizens while putting 70,000 felons back on our streets. I will never lose sight of the trauma suffered by victims and their families. It’s for those reasons that I will oppose new taxes. Government growth has put a heavy burden on our families and I want to lighten that load.

I want stability for families and seniors so they can plan for the future. I don’t want a return to the days of property tax sticker shock that forced people out of their homes. The ads below are organized by whether the ad is in support or opposition to the recall question. This section lists media, elected officials, individuals, and organizations that announced support or opposition for the recall of Newsom after the signature filing deadline.

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Governor Newsom is being recalled because Republicans are frustrated by their inability to elect a Republican to statewide office in a general election. Due to changing demographics, a recall might be the only way a Republican can be elected to a statewide office. Ultimately, South said, it prompted Davis to sign legislation he’d previously vetoed, and veto some bills he otherwise wouldn’t. For instance, just before the recall, Davis signed a bill to give driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants — something he had vetoed twice before, South said.

The election was the fourth gubernatorial recall election in American history and the second in state history after the 2003 recall election, which resulted in the successful recall of Governor Gray Davis, who was replaced with Arnold Schwarzenegger. State finance officials and lawmakers who control the budget have already begun figuring out how much it will cost counties to conduct the election — a step they could drag into August if they wanted. On June 10, the Department of Finance announced that county elections officials reported it would cost them $215 million to put on the recall election. Within hours, legislative leaders said they would include the money in the state budget they’re passing this month — and waive the 30-day period the law gives them to review election costs. Democratic lawmakers added more steps to California’s recall process in 2017 as they unsuccessfully tried to fend off the recall of Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman of Fullerton. In addition to adding two months for the fiscal analyses, they also added six weeks for voters who signed the recall petition to remove their signatures if they want, a period that in Newsom’s case ended on June 8.