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Scaffolding in ASP.NET MVC is used to generate the Controllers, Model and Views for create, read, update, and delete functionality in an application. Represents an actual OS-level thread, with its own stack and kernel resources, and allows the highest degree of control. You can choose to Abort() or Suspend() or Resume() a thread, and set thread-level properties, like the stack size, apartment state, or culture.

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  • Authorization filter- used to implement authentication and authorization for the controller action.
  • Compared to web forms layout offer simple syntax and greater flexibility.
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  • ViewBag doesn’t require typecasting for complex data type.
  • It squeezes out whitespace and performs other types of compression to make the downloaded files as small as possible.

A partial view is a portion of HTML carefully injected into an existing DOM. It is commonly implemented for componentizing Razor views.

What are the advantages of Web Services?

It’s a great question because it allows strong candidates to demonstrate the depth of their knowledge. They need to look at the logic within the method and walk us through how they would go about choosing the name. What we are looking for are developers who can clearly explain their thought process.

  • The presentation component helps in the visual presentation of the specific abstraction that exists in the application.
  • So, in simple terms an action filter allows us to execute some custom code, either, just before an action method is executed or immediately after an action method completes execution.
  • ASP.Net provides much better performance than scripting languages.
  • In the case of MVC, model binding is generally transparent, and I can work with an instance of a strongly-typed request object.
  • The « default » view engine for ASP.NET MVC uses the same .aspx/.ascx/.
  • Any web application has two main execution steps, first understanding the request and depending on the type of the request, sending out an appropriate response.

It’s used to store only one-time messages like error messages, validation messages. It’s required typecasting for getting data and check mvc programmer for null values to avoid an error. The Razor view was introduced with ASP.NET MVC 3 and is the default view engine moving forward.

.NET Developer Interview Questions

If you’re an experienced .NET developer searching for a new opportunity, is a great place to start. DLL is an abbreviation for Dynamic Link Library, and it is a library that includes code that must be hidden. A single application can hold several DLLs, which can be used with other programs and apps. If CAS is used in an assembly, it is considered somewhat trusted. Each time an assembly attempts to access the resources, it undergoes inspections.

  • It’s a design pattern and is used for developing loosely couple code.
  • You can change the view result before it gets rendered to the browser.
  • It is a collection of tools that contains HTML and CSS-based design templates along with JavaScript to create a responsive design for web applications.
  • Minification is a technique to remove unnecessary data from the JS and CSS file without changing its functionality.
  • It minifies the requests through a number of techniques, such as shortening variable names and removing whitespace and comments.

The « IsPostBack » property of page object is used to check that the page is posted back or not. IIS handles the request and response cycle on the Web server.

How To Implement charAt In Java?

This action filter handles errors raised when a controller action executes. This return type is used when we want to redirect to any other action method. This return type is used to return a webpage from an action method. Depending on the URL sent “UrlRoutingModule” searches the route table to create “RouteData” object which has the details of which controller and action to invoke. Any web application has two main execution steps, first understanding the request and depending on the type of the request sending out an appropriate response. MVC application life cycle is not different it has two main phases, first creating the request object and second sending our response to the browser. MVC is one of the most popular development frameworks for Web applications.

interview questions for experienced .net mvc developer

But HTML helpers are more lightweight compared to web controls as it does not hold view state and events. Given that we’re talking about Vehicles as a resource, I would start by creating a Vehicle model, representing my data source.

What are some benefits of ASP.NET Core over the classic ASP.NET?

You could change the method body to conditionally return a RedirectResult or something else without changing the method definition. This is one of the most important .NET core interview questions. You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to work as a successful .NET developer for a top Silicon Valley organization or build a team of talented .NET developers.

What is API in asp net c#?

ASP.NET Web API is a framework that makes it easy to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. ASP.NET Web API is an ideal platform for building RESTful applications on the . NET Framework.

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