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A Complete Guide To Different Cushion Fabrics

And, while stain-resistant, it is not 100% stain-proof. An advantage is that it can get wet and won’t shrink, won’t fade, and you can even clean it with a mild bleach solution. Never pour full-strength bleach on anything, of course. Otherwise, let’s say that you have a cotton fabric and it is not pre-shrunk; I would contact a local cleaner to see if they provide that service.

A Complete Guide To Different Cushion Fabrics

Shinier poly-cotton blends are likely treated with chemicals to make them that way. But poly-cotton blends that have a subtle shine are likely woven in a way that makes them somewhat shiny. Poly-cotton blends are probably the most versatile shiny fabric, as they are breathable, moisture-wicking, and have some stretch to them. Some glitter fabrics can be made from polyester, but they may be somewhat stiff or have a rougher texture to them, as the glitter is usually added as a finish instead of being made into the fabric. Glitter fabric is often used for making hair bows and other accessories or is used a lot in costumes or even cocktail dresses. Faux leather is a type of vegan leather made from petroleum-based synthetic fibers instead of being made from animals.

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Alternatively try poly cotton which, as the name would suggest, is a blend of cotton and polyester. Poly cotton is a perfect, highly durable purchase for a cushion cover because the fabric is stronger, doesn’t shrink or change shape and dries faster than 100% cotton. It will also be more colour-fast than cotton, but it won’t stick to your skin if you sit on it like 100% polyester would. Unless otherwise noted, all images on this site belong to Crafting Cheerfully.

Just like nurses who buy comfortable shoes because they’re on their feet all day, if you’re going to spend most of the day sitting, you need a comfortable cushion. The crepe texture happens by using yarns with too much twist. Is a fabric with very open and lose construction which is common in drapes. Again, this is hard to see from an intact fabric, but just so you know, if there is a ply yarn, it is generally in the warp direction. Sizing helps to make yarns stronger during the weaving process.

Flammable Fabrics Act Ffa

I am a big fan of slipcovers because of the washability, and changeability (seasons?), and I think that furniture with good bones should be kept out of landfills. Also, if cats maul a slipcover, the bad piece can be replaced. And, of course, all of those wonderful pillow vendors make pillows using performance fabrics. But, these performance fabrics also make it safe to have white furniture. And all of S&L’s upholstered furniture is available in their performance fabrics.

Essentially, this type of fabric is made from cotton that has been “polished” to give it a shiny appearance. Polished cotton that is coated instead of woven will be a bit shinier.

Neckroll Pillow

The size can negatively impact your posture so it’s not always recommended for sleeping, but it’s great for those who like to read or work in bed. It can also be used to give a nice lift to other smaller sleeping and decorative pillows. What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to spend $100/yard+++ for some expensive fabric for a piece of furniture to hold up. Most quality fabrics will hold up well if you keep them clean. Okay, I’m going to close with this about performance fabrics, and it might surprise you. Below is a widget of a few of my favorite performance fabrics.

  • A very heavy fabric made of worsted wool or cotton, the fabric is characterized by prominent twill lines.
  • My hubby sprinkles LOTS of catnip on them and they leave my furniture alone 🙂 Also – spray bottle of water.
  • It’s also important to consider how much time you want to spend cleaning your sofa.
  • When you think about pollution and unsustainability, your first thoughts are probably oil, big business, electricity generation, long-distance trasnport, or agriculture.
  • Be sure to choose a fabric that’s easy to work with and appropriate for the piece’s level of use.
  • Best known in the oxford shirt, this is a lightweight 2×1 basket weave which creates a rib pattern in the fabric.
  • Few people might think of the very t-shirt on their back as unsustainable.

Aluminum is relatively cheap, requires little maintenance and never rusts. Like other metals, aluminum heats up, so it’s best to have seat cushions to keep you cool and comfortable. Its high demand, combined with limited availability, has pushed the price of this fine grain wood extremely high. This material has numerous features that make it ideal for outdoor use.

Ikea Upholstery Fabric

Leather and suede are also considered performance fabrics because they are extremely stain resistant and very easy to clean, typically with a simple wipe down. Because they are a higher-end, buying a leather sofa is going to cost a bit more than a synthetic fabric sofa. For this reason, budget-conscious shoppers sometimes opt for faux leather.

All i have to do after gently squirting them a few times is shake the bottle and they stop doing what ever they are doing. Quite frankly, I’ve had great luck with all of my fabrics except for the wing chairs that Peaches had for dinner. A Complete Guide To Different Cushion Fabrics Spruce Street Chair from Serena and Lily is slipcovered in a Perennials outdoor performance fabric. Perennials are sold through the interior design trade. However, you can get many beautiful Perennial fabrics at Serena & Lily.

The final score is determined by the number of times the discs oscillate before the fabric breaks down. Setting a budget for how much you want to spend on a sofa is probably the best place to start as this will determine your fabric choice. When you’re ready to shop, just head over to the Real Homes team’s pick of the best sofas of the year.

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« Entry into the world of buying upholstery fabrics can be challenging as a new business, » says Jane. It’s safe to say, we all live in homes with a different risk level of spillages. Synthetic blends like microfiber are designed to more easily cope with spillages and stains. If you’re making curtains or blinds, your fabric won’t need to withstand as much but it helps the drape and finished look to use a heavier weight. So initially we all start out expecting upholstery fabric to be for… The most common craft that people think of when they think of upholstery fabrics is the covering of furniture items with fabrics to repair or transform the way they look. However, the fact that polyester and nylon are man-made could be a turn-off for some.

It’s a common choice for slipcovers, since most cotton can be cleaned with soap and water. You’ll rarely find 100% cotton upholstery fabric — it’s typically part of a blend. The best-quality cotton blends will generally contain about 45% to 60% cotton.

High-quality leather is carefully sourced from Italy, Thailand, and New Zealand and then tanned on large European bull hides. The Handbook – A blog from Rejuvenation filled with helpful ideas to refresh and renovate every space. Tips and inspiration for creating the look and feel you love. In a sea of print and color, the occasional solid-colored or neutral-hued pillow will give the eye a place to rest. From cable-knit to needlepoint, wool adds a wintry, alpine vibe to a room. It’s best suited for colder months or mountain retreats.

A Complete Guide To Different Cushion Fabrics

Unfortunately, 84% of donated clothing goes straight to landfills. While recycled garments can be part of the solution, it is much better to simply reduce our consumption and choose our fabrics more wisely. This square pillow typically measures 25” x 25” and looks best when placed behind all other sleeping or decorative pillows.

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To keep the wreath cohesive, choose an overall color scheme. In my Home Sweet Home pillow wreath, I mixed florals, solids and a buffalo check but the blue and white color palette pulls everything together. Monofilament thread is a type of single-ply, non-twisted nylon thread that is strong and clear. It resembles and feels like fishing line, so you don’t want to use it for garment sewing in which the thread will rub against your skin.


It is incredibly strong and does not deform, break, or become fragile like many types of wood. This is because teak repels most of the water and does not expand or contract in the drying process.

Checking The Sofas Construction

Processing wool requires minimal water and energy use. The greatest use of bleach, water, and other chemicals is during the dying stage. Even though heavy metal dye fixatives are used, excess dyes pollute water systems.

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